Donate – İyilik Denizi
  • Zakat
    Zekatlarınız ile ihtiyaç sahiplerinin yüzünü güldürün.
  • General Donation
    We use your general donations in projects that we consider urgent.
  • Compassion's Iftar
    In Africa, we provide hot and healthy daily meals to orphans and vulnerable children. Support us
    50,00 TL
  • The Gift of Eid
    It is in your hands to increase the happiness of our children.
    100,00 TL
  • Humanitarian Fund
    Support our International Humanitarian Aid projects aiming to reach out to all regardless of their...
  • Education Fund
    Support our diverse education projects held in Turkey and abroad
  • Development Fund
    A fund made to design and execute sustainable projects we are carrying out in Africa in the fields of...