RAMADAN - İyilik Denizi
  • Zakat
    During the month of Ramadan, we enable you to deliver your zakat to the orphans and poor families we...
  • Eidgift
    We join hands to bring the joy of Eid to orphans and children of poor families in Africa.
    150,00 TL
  • Fıtr
    With the alms of fitr, you can meet the food need of a poor person for one day.
    40,00 TL
  • Fidya
    During Ramadan, we deliver your fasting alms to poor families in Syria and Yemen, together with...
    40,00 TL
  • Food Package
    A Box of Happiness. Open Your Table to Goodness in Ramadan.  
    200,00 TL
  • Iftar
    We are setting up iftar tables in Africa and Asia.  Open Your Iftar Table to Goodness.
    35,00 TL