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su kuyusu bağış afrika asya

Why are we drilling a Water Well in Asia?

Their numbers are increasing day by day...
Water, which is one of the greatest requirements of human nature, plays a major role in the disruption of vital activities. However, one out of every 6 people around the world is not as lucky as us in having access to clean water.

Especially people living in Africa and Asia do not have the power to buy equipment to reach clean water. They are fighting a tough and tough water struggle by crossing many kilometers.
Our duty is to fulfill our responsibilities with the awareness that humanity can become a sea when united, and that this sea will endow them with life.
Support our water wells that are drilled regularly, as needed, and let's be the sea together.

A drop of hope, a sip of happiness...

We take our strength from goodness and our hope from you, and we know that together, we have been and will continue to be a sea for thousands of people in need. Every water well we drilled during our activities in Africa and Asia brings us closer to being a sea. We continue to open Water Wells without delay with regional and crowd funds.

How to drill a Water Well in Asia?

By donating to our Water Well funds, or on your own behalf, you can make your donations in memory of your loved ones and name the water wells you want to be opened. You may have taken a step to preserve both the name you gave and the millions in need of water. Water wells are drilled in the Asian region in line with the needs of households. Water well prices are subject to different pricing due to regional conditions and inter-regional access.



I want to open a Water Well in Asia, what can I do?

Water well donation amounts in Asia:

su kuyusu bağış afrika asya


    The clean water that is brought to the surface is reached by digging to a depth of 20-30 meters in the ground.


su kuyusu bağış afrika asya


    These are water wells with 500 liters of tank and six taps, where we reach the clean water that is dug up to 50-60 meters deep into the ground.

Sosyal Medya’da Biz

Drought, which is one of the realities of today's world, and the scarcity of water it brings, make things more difficult. Unfortunately, people who are not as lucky as us and who struggle to reach water continue to live their lives. We will continue to stand by them hand in hand in this struggle for life.


    You can live by your name through writing that on Water Wells, a permanent construction. Top of Form
    4900,00 TL
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    9750,00 TL
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    15000,00 TL
    Our drilled water wells will provide clean water to our African brothers and Sisters for years
    12500,00 TL
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