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Cataract Surgeries


What is Cataract?

Cataract is an eye disease in which the lens in the eyes is damaged and goes away from clarity, causing vision difficulties to a level that causes the feeling of blindness.


Who Gets Cataract?

Cataract is known in our country, especially as a disease faced by the elderly, but the situation in Africa is a little different. The people of the region struggling with famine and thirst; Many reasons such as malnourished individuals due to famine, children who cannot meet their vitamin needs, and harmful sun rays penetrating the eyes directly due to temperatures cause people of all ages to meet with cataract disease.


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Can Cataracts Be Treated?
Cataract is the clouding of our normal natural lens inside the eye. The only treatment is surgery.


When should cataract surgery be done?
Our congenital intraocular lens is normally transparent and clear, allowing the light coming into the eye to pass into the eye and thus allowing us to see. The clouding of the normally clear intraocular lens is called cataract. It is difficult for the lights to fall behind from the blurred lens, so vision begins to decrease. The decrease in the patient's vision and quality of life determine the time of cataract surgery.


Will Cataract Reappear?
Cataract does not recur. The tissue that developed cataract, that is the lens, was removed and a new lens was put in its place. Since cataract will not develop in the newly placed lens, the discomfort will not recur.


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