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What is the most effective way to reduce poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Agriculture and livestock dominate all other sectors, whether the comparison is within or between countries.  

Half of the world's extreme poor live in sub-Saharan Africa, that is almost 400 million people. The vast majority live in rural areas and work in agriculture.

With a rapidly growing population, the IMF predicts that Sub-Saharan Africa will need to create about 18 million jobs per year until 2035 to absorb the growing workforce.

The region has fertile land, water resources, and livestock available to invest in to change the lives of millions of people. however, it also faces important threats like soil erosion, deforestation, and destruction of grazing lands.

Boosting agriculture and livestock businesses in a sustainable way, while ensuring good access to markets for farmers are key aspects to reducing poverty in Africa.

What are we doing?

Iyilik Denizi is working with pastoralist communities in different African countries, supporting them to set up sustainable, small-scale animal-rearing enterprises that will help them generate an income and provide their families with a more nutritious diet. This will be achieved by:

Supporting families to rear different types of animals.

Iyilik Denizi will establish Livestock Groups, through which we will provide training in animal rearing and fodder and rangeland management.

We will improve women’s access to livestock by setting up a revolving animal scheme, which requires each family who receives two animals from us to give two does (female animals) to another vulnerable family once their herd has grown, creating a cycle of improved prosperity.

Economically empowering women:

Iyilik Denizi will help the Livestock Groups created through this project, to establish Village Saving and Loan Associations, where beneficiary families unite to save and make funds available to invest and support each other’s businesses.

The project will teach women how to add value to their livestock business through training in animal breeding, fattening, and the production of animals’ milk products.

This project will also help women aggregate their produce so they can sell in bulk and command a higher price for their goods.

Improving nutrition:

Through a blend of targeted communication activities, this project will look to inspire, educate, and empower communities to consume more animal’s milk and improve dietary choices for their families.

Women’s Livestock Groups provide a platform for women to come together and share experiences, discuss common problems, and develop solutions to improving nutrition, child and maternal health, and animal production.

Veterinary and livestock breeding services:

This project will help vets and community animal healthcare workers expand their operations and deliver vital veterinary services to local livestock keepers.

Most breeds of animals native to these areas are hardy but produce little in the way of milk. Iyilik Denizi will establish community-run livestock breeding stations where high-yielding dairy animals that are suited to the local landscape and climate can be bred and sold. And at the same time, we will establish rearing stations where livestock owners can bring their local does to crossbreed them.

Iyilik Denizi gives farmers the advice and the products they need through training sessions, farming cooperatives, and supporting Community Animal Health Workers. Because we believe that when they have the right support, pastoralists can increase their incomes and work their way out of poverty.

Join us and change the lives of millions in a different and sustainable way.