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Yemen Emergency Aid


In Yemen, things just got that much worse. Already facing a deadly humanitarian crisis, five years of conflict have pushed Yemen to the brink. 
Thousands of lives destroyed, countless more at risk.
The conflict in Yemen erupted in 2015 causing utter devastation. Homes, schools, and businesses have all been destroyed and as a result, the country’s economy has collapsed. The combined death toll from war and disease in Yemen since 2015 has been estimated by the United Nations as exceeding 230,000 and has left thousands injured. 
80% of Yemen’s population was already in need of humanitarian aid and protection - an estimated 24.1million people. Now coronavirus threatens their lives too. The UN warns that the death toll from COVID-19 could exceed the combined total from war and disease. As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the world, the vulnerable communities of Yemen are in desperate need of help. 
On the ground: A country on the edge of famine:
Food insecurity. Famine. Starvation. The dire reality facing the Yemeni people has been caused by over a five-year devastating war leaving 20 million Yemenis food insecure while over 7 million at risk of famine. The war has crippled an already ailing economy, caused mass displacement, disrupted salary payments, hiked food and fuel prices, paralyzed delivery of key services, and led to a deadly cholera epidemic.
Yemen, The World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis:
The degree of deterioration of basic services such as water, sanitation, agriculture and education has exhausted the available international humanitarian resources. The conflict has also exacerbated chronic poverty, resulting in a drastic increase in severe hunger and acute malnutrition among 1.1 million mothers and 2 million children. The limited access to key goods, coupled with the decreasing and fluctuating national currency, has led to skyrocketing food prices, making food inaccessible to even Yemenis with steady income.
We can help Yemen with your support.
We are working with our partners to deliver food, clean and safe water, healthcare, and essential non-food items to those most in need through our Yemen Emergency Appeal.
We have been working with our partners on the ground to deliver:
Emergency response aid, Clean water supply and sanitation, Food and vital nutrition, Hygiene kit distribution, Personal Protective Equipment, Medical care and supplies, Cash Transfers to vulnerable communities, Shelter, Education 
Save their lives; donate to Yemen now.
You can help us to continue our efforts in saving and improving the lives of millions of people.
The situation is desperate in Yemen. Donate today and help us to ease the suffering of the Yemeni people.