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Emergency Aid

Conflict, instability, poor governance and climate change have created an unprecedented level of humanitarian need.

Often spanning multiple geographies, crises are becoming increasingly complex with affected communities needing additional support for longer periods of time.

Saving lives and alleviating human suffering:

Iyilik Denizi's Emergency Response function focuses on saving lives and alleviating human suffering. This response often involves prioritizing needs such as food, water, shelter, cash, and other non-food items. It also sees Iyilik Denizi reduce morbidity and mortality through the delivery of targeted health responses, including emergency sanitation, hygiene promotion, disease surveillance, immunization campaigns, outbreak response, curative nutrition programs, and primary healthcare services.

Such initiatives may then transition to more sustained and long-term programming, where the focus shifts to the rehabilitation of health, water, sanitation, food, and other market systems.


With emergency teams on call 24 hours a day, and pre-positioned stocks of essential supplies ready for deployment, our internationally renowned rapid response capabilities ensure that life-saving assistance can be delivered anywhere in the world when needs arise.


Evaluate Emergency Needs

After a disaster strikes, our emergency teams evaluate the needs of affected populations. These surveys help us understand what kind of intervention is needed most: nutrition, food security, and livelihoods, or water, sanitation, and hygiene services.

Provide Emergency Aid

We team up with local government agencies, NGO partners, and community leaders to bring efficient, effective relief to communities hit by a disaster. Our rapid response capabilities and teams on the ground allow us to immediately deliver lifesaving supplies and care.

Prevent and Manage Risk

In communities that are prone to disaster, we work to manage their risk and strengthen their resilience to future shocks. We help bolster local economies, improve infrastructure, and plan for long-term development.

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