A Tradition of Solidarity from the Past to the Present
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A Tradition of Solidarity from the Past to the Present


A Tradition of Solidarity from the Past to the Present

It has been a tradition to cooperate in every society that has won its own sovereignty process with wars and difficulties. Societies have come into existence with the help of neighbors to children, families to single people, women to men, in short, each individual helping another person.

When necessary, all kinds of financial and moral support are included in social assistance. Help means making an effort to resolve a person's distress by treating it as your own. Apart from the mutual aid movements of a society within the framework of its own citizens, aids made regardless of religion, language and race are also striking in the history of Turkish society. It is a tradition from the past to the present to bind up the wounds of the soldiers they fought in the infirmary after the war is over, to relieve the education problems of the families who are in a fight, to help those who do not have money to go to the grocery store without showing their hand. A society develops when people who can empathize and not get lost in the shadow of their own ambitions do good.

Of course, there are projects to help those in need in the state order. There are laws, packages, formations that support them. But not everyone can be determined all the time. The neighbor who is close enough for his own light to hit may not be cooking, it may be a citizen who has to walk on the street instead of taking the bus. You may be thinking, how can we know it all? We cannot know all of them. But not knowing is better than not helping. We can support charitable organizations that collect donations and separate issues according to needs. Iyilikdeniz.org is one of them. By logging into the site, you can donate to education, nature or sacrifice, and feel the power of social solidarity.

Why is Collaboration Important?

 The origin of solidarity goes back to the times of poverty and famine in ancient times. In ancient times, the specific production power and consumption accumulation of each country was different. Moreover, this situation was at a very low level considering that there was no such thing as technology. Production and consumption developed interconnectedly, especially thanks to industry and industrial development, discoveries and many other advances. However, the rate we call purchasing power was not equal for everyone. This situation still continues today. There are places where technology cannot reach, houses where education is unknown, towns that have to fight natural disasters with their own efforts. It is in everyone's hands to act on this situation. You don't need to have big money, huge investments, rich savings. Every good deed that comes from the heart can reach people and places that need help by growing like an avalanche. This is exactly the answer to the question of what is cooperation.

In the past, dividing a piece of bread was also a help, and the same is true now. There is no stage or amount of goodness. Helping each other is like paying back the debt of good times in bad times. Every help that is unpretentious and far from arrogance crowns individual pleasures with happiness. The importance of helping each other is not something that we can look at from a single perspective. Let's examine the values ​​gained through social assistance:

Thanks to the aid provided to those in difficult situations, wrong behaviors are prevented.

· Love and communication are established between people.

Social solidarity is gained by providing unity and togetherness.

Awareness is created in a wide audience by benefiting humanity.

Thanks to the help, an increase is observed in the spiritual feelings of both the helper and the person being helped.

Uniting Hearts: Solidarity

Help can be in any area and to any extent. Let's break down the aid into classes:

· Help as a Social Activity

It is to participate in aid activities voluntarily for situations that require urgent help both in their own country and in other countries. Although it is usually carried out by taking part in formations such as non-governmental organizations and associations, it can also be done individually.

· Education Assistance

It is a help class for girls and boys who are willing to read but cannot. Building schools, providing teachers, building dormitories are included in this group. Especially in countries that are considered poor, this deficiency is tried to be eliminated by establishing school systems.

· Money Assistance

All kinds of financial aid to the person or people who are unable to provide for their family ensures their comfort.

· Nature Aid

We can receive clothing, supplies and equipment aids to this group to erase the traces of natural disasters. Moreover, tree planting activities, water conservation activities or drilling water wells especially in Africa are examples of this group. Every step taken for the benefit of nature can be considered as nature aid.

· Victim Aid

Sacrifice donations made to people who cannot sacrifice an animal on the eve of Eid al-Adha fall into this category. It is transmitted to Muslim people both inside and outside the country. Moreover, not only during the holiday; You can also donate the victims of akika, gratitude or sacrifice.

· Health Assistance

It is the work of providing the necessary opportunities to men and women who have health problems both in our country and abroad. Health screenings and medicines are provided for women and children, especially in Africa and Asia, where opportunities cannot be provided due to the state management system.

· Clothing Assistance

It is the donation of new clothes or clothes that can be used even if they have been worn. Money can also be raised for special events and clothing donations. But the main purpose is to prevent victimization, especially in adverse weather conditions, by making clothing aid widespread.

All of these aids both strengthen solidarity and ensure that goodness spreads to everyone. All activities carried out with the aim of regional development and saving lives strengthen the bone schema of a society. You can make reliable donations on every subject, and exists to forward your donations to the places in need.


The Origin of Solidarity in Turkish Society

Since ancient times, helping low-income families, old people, or destitute people has been portrayed as a necessary behavior. Thanks to the aid received by everyone in need of help, it means that the level of welfare in the society is increased. There are many periods of wars and difficulties in the history of Turkish society. In these periods, social assistance gave birth to the word 'imece'. It is called imece when everyone puts their hands to work and creates a great helping force. This aid, both monetary and moral, has a very important place in the origin of Turkish society.

In particular, clothing donations, fountain donations or food donations are among the most common donations. The ancestors, who love a nation because it is human, regardless of their beliefs, have advised this to everyone. Helping is not about religion, race or color. It is an action directed towards the good.

The belief of loving people for being human, which has been going on since the Ottoman Empire, also shows itself in the culture of neighborliness. In a neighborhood, there would be both Easter and Ramadan enthusiasm, and everyone would treat each other with respect. For this reason, helping people indiscriminately was considered a necessity like a rule. As a matter of fact, we live in a country where meat is shared by identifying those who cannot cut it on Eid-al-Adha, and every house is tried to be equalized. This is true not only for national aid but also for aid abroad. Helping children, women and families in need of help in Africa and Asia also comes from the origins of Turkish society. Regardless of religion, language or race, it should be remembered that everyone lives in an equal world, but does not have equal conditions. Thanks to Iyilikdeniz.org, you can donate to the subject you want to help and take a step for humanity.