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Orphan Sponsorship


yetim hamiliği


Making an orphan happy...
Taking care of an orphan, meeting an orphan's needs and showing mercy to him is the biggest step in spreading goodness in the world.

Sponsorships meet the education, food, health, shelter and clothing needs of orphans at all times of the year,
We share the joy of the holiday by gifting new dresses so that their joy will always be on holidays and special days.

An orphan's smile, a lifetime of joy...

We take our strength from goodness and our hope from you, and we know that together, we have been and will continue to be a sea for thousands of people in need. We continue to be smiles on faces and hope in hearts, with the patronage of orphans in Turkey and in every region of the world. As we have reached hundreds of children within the scope of winter aid in Turkey, we will also be hope for hundreds of innocent faces in the care of orphans.


How do you become an orphan?

Our esteemed donors, who want to undertake the duty of orphan guardianship, which makes an orphan enjoy the joy of Eid every day, can cover the monthly expenses and, if they wish, the annual expenses of our orphans, who have been placed on the list of those in need by us, wherever they are in Turkey and the world. You can also call our phone number (0212) 489 59 59 ☎️ for detailed information about our projects and donate, or you can complete your donation from the General donation section.



Orphan guardianship in Turkey and the World

Orphan guardianship in Asia and Africa:

As the Sea of Goodness Association, we reach people in need with more than 20 projects throughout the year, and our top priority is the development of children at any time of the year.

We are trying to be a beacon of hope for children who have been victimized by illness, war, drought, famine and impossibilities abroad, with the guardianship of orphans.



Turkey orphan guardianship
We meet the education, health, food, shelter and clothing needs of our little brothers and sisters, who grew up without mother's compassion and father's compassion, and who stepped into the world of impossibilities at a very young age due to health and famine problems, without worrying about the future. We are happy to share the joy of orphans with our valuable donors.

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