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Mosque With Water Well




A permanent work for the world!

One of the most effective ways to reach those in need around the world by leaving permanent works is to give them what they really need.

Water and Worship Almost every day, thousands of people in Africa try to reach water by overcoming difficult processes.

They are trying to meet their needs with the clean water they reach by traveling an average of 6 km.

In areas where the majority of them are Muslim, they have difficulty in performing their prayers together with the difficulty of accessing water.

With the Water Well with Masjid and Fountain to be opened, it is aimed to be instrumental in their worship and to meet the needs of the people of the region for drinking clean water.


The most basic need of the people of the region is to have access to clean drinking water.

Although it is on the coastline in Africa, reaching the water of the regions far from the coast is at least as difficult and dangerous as the Sub-Saharan Africa Region.

In areas where the majority of them are children and women, their main source of income is agriculture and livestock, but they are faced with the fact that they still need a water source for the development of animals and agricultural lands.




Muslims in Africa want more than anything else to be able to fulfill their prayers and to reach clean water. In this project, we will help them get the space they need by constructing the masjid and the fountain. In addition to their prayers, the people of the region will establish a bond of heart with our donors through prayers, and in this way, they will take their place in the hearts of the world as a permanent work.

These mosques, which will be built with your support, will be places where social solidarity increases, unity and solidarity are ensured, people mingle with each other, and the love and solidarity among them increase.

As it is known, Islamic Civilization sees mosques and masjids as centers of science. At the heart of these centers of knowledge is the Hz. Muhammed (S.a.v), which we call the circles of knowledge.



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