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What is the best gift?

No doubt we think of many gifts, but the real answer must be education, education is the building block of a culture as well as the keystone of a human being.
In Africa, where Muslims live, there is no social education and religious education is also very difficult to provide.

Religious education is as difficult to provide as education is not. This difficulty arising from the limited possibilities is tried to be overcome by receiving Qur'anic education through oral explanations.

In Africa, students of knowledge who cannot find the Holy Quran to learn to read try to memorize it by writing on Luh boards
As the Sea of Goodness Association, we deliver the Holy Qur'an to the regions in need, if there is a translation.
If it is not translated, we translate it and offer it to the service of the people of the region.
We expect the support of our valuable donors in this process.
We are taking firm steps forward to complete the 100,000 Quran gifts we have targeted.
We support our children who are deprived of education by presenting them to students in Africa, where conditions are difficult in terms of education due to the lack of the Holy Quran.
We are working to eliminate the negativities caused by the predominantly Muslim population in the region and the provision of religious education under difficult conditions.

It was narrated from Ibn 'Umar (ra) that the Prophet said:
"Only two people are envied: One who learns the Qur'an and practices it day and night, and the other who spends the wealth that Allah has given him day and night in the way of Allah.
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