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Compassion's Soup Kitchen


Why should you care?

All children, particularly orphans, need a safe place to grow. Caring for orphans and nurturing them with the basics like food, water, and clean clothes increase the likelihood of them becoming positive members of their communities.

Changing their narrative from being vulnerable to resilient.

Most of the time, children are left in orphanages because their widowed mother cannot afford to take care of them. These widows trust the orphanage to feed, clothe, and educate their children. However, many countries around Africa like Nigeria neglect orphanages resulting in homes that are either too crowded or without enough supplies.


How you change their lives?

Our program exists to support thousands of orphans in Nigeria, giving aid to orphanages that are already established but lack the support they need to care for the orphans they house.


A food parcel is a valuable lifeline when a family loses the breadwinner of the house to an accident, disease, or even murder.

Food and water are the very life's basics that millions of orphans are deprived of and your contributions mean that they are looked after and given hope for the future.


su kuyusu bağış afrika asya

How else would a widow feed herself and her family when she has no money and no resources?

Iyilik Denizi provides food parcels to help widows and orphans affected by poverty. Many widows and orphans in some of the most deprived communities in the world rely on your generosity to feed their families month by month.


Each food parcel generally contains rice, flour, oil, lentils, pulses, spices, tea, sugar, vegetables, dates, soap, and sanitation products. In addition, we make sure that all the produce is sourced locally with a focus on nutritional benefit and longevity. Not only will you be helping vulnerable widows and orphans, but your support will help local economies prosper.


During the Coronavirus pandemic, we are giving hygiene kits with every food parcel to keep our beneficiaries safe.


Join us today and feed an orphan.

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