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Milk Goat


Milk Goat Distribution

Adak Kurban Görseli

Sustainable Development

We deliver the dairy goat donations of our goodness volunteers who want to contribute to the development of animal husbandry in Africa, which is a sustainable employment area, to the families. 

  • The number given varies according to the situation of the identified family.
  • The family takes care of this animal and benefits from its milk in the first place.
  • They multiply the animals they care for, and they can both trade and benefit from their meat and skin. 
  • The dairy goat project is an important project to provide a permanent livelihood.

Thanks to our donors, we are happy to make our brothers and sisters in need smile and hope for their future.





For your dairy goat donations, you can donate to our bank account numbers by wire transfer/EFT/FAST, by visiting our Headquarters or by online donation via our website. You can also get detailed information on 0546 489 5959 and make your donations safely.


Video Bilgi Mesajı Görseli
Video Transmission to Our Donors

We make a special video for you from the images and videos of the distributed dairy goats and send it to your phone within 3 days.





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