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Adaq - Aqiqah - Sacrifice


Adak Kurban Görseli

African Sacrifice Organizations 2024

As a sign of surrender and devotion, as a tradition that brings hope to life, we will try to reach the joy in the hearts of poor families and orphans by sacrificing votive, Akika and Şükür sacrifices, which we regularly perform with enthusiasm every year.







For your Sacrifice Donations, you can donate to our bank account numbers via REFER/EFT/FAST, by visiting our Headquarters (within the scope of the measures, if you wish, we can receive your donation by visiting you.) or by making an online donation via our website. You can also get detailed information on 0546 489 5959 and make your donations securely.

How is the sacrifice process carried out?

Adak Keçi Görseli

Providing Sacrifices

We not only support the local people who are engaged in animal husbandry in the region financially by choosing from among the animals raised by the local people in Africa months in advance, but also help you to perform the sacrifice prayer without affecting your budget by providing sacrifices at affordable prices in the sacrifice organizations that we started preparations for, without being affected by the exchange rate difference. we are working.


Hisse Bağışı Görseli
Collection of Share Donations

After the qurbans are procured, we collect qurban shares from our donors who want to perform qurban slaughter in Africa.


Not Defteri Görseli
Obtaining Power of Attorneys from Our Donors

We confirm whether they have appointed us as a proxy for the cutting, cutting and distribution of the sacrifices to be slaughtered from our valuable donors who donate the sacrifice shares.


Kurbanlıkların Usule Göre Kesilmesi Görseli
Cutting the Sacrifices According to the Procedures

Preparations are made as soon as possible and the slaughtering process is completed according to Islamic methods.


Video Bilgi Mesajı Görseli
Sending Video and Information Messages to Our Donors

Videos and photos of the slaughtered animals are sent to mobile phones after the information message.


Aile Görseli
Distribution of Sacrifice Meat

The slaughtered meat of the sacrificial animals is distributed in order to support the Compassion Soup Kitchen Project, which is within the body of the poor villagers, orphanage and the İyilik Denizi Derneği, which has been listed by our authorities before, and in which hundreds of students are served food.



Coming from you


Harita Görseli

Where and how are the animals slaughtered?

After your qurban donations are received, our animals, which are regularly raised every year and are suitable for sacrifice, are meticulously evaluated and examined for their suitability for qurban slaughter. Proxy procedures are initiated for donation, and your qurban is queued for slaughter within 3 days after the power of attorney is received. After the sacrifice is completed, the videos and photos of your victim are sent to you step by step. Your sacrifice donations are completed by providing sterile and Islamic conditions in our Sacrifice Slaughter Areas around poor families and orphan schools in Africa and Asia.

Kırmızı Kalpli Ev Görseli

To whom are the slaughtered meats delivered?

Sacrificial meat, whose slaughtering process has been completed in the African continent, to families in need in Niger, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Chad, Benin, Tanzania and Somalia, to cafeterias in village schools, orphanages and orphans where daily hot meals are distributed within the scope of the İyilik Denizi Derneği's Compassion Kitchen project. distributed to schools.

Yurt Dışı Kurban Faaliyet Görseli

Abroad Sacrifice Activities

By providing Islamic conditions in settlements where there are poor families in Africa and Asia, especially in the countries known as the Sub-Saharan and Sahel belts in Africa, where there are orphans struggling with drought and thirst (the poor families we have personally seen in the regions where we drilled water wells before). sacrificial activities.
Frequently Asked Questions

İngilizce Cevap

Qurban 2

Bir olayın gerçekleşmesi ya da istenilen sonucu elde etmek için edilen duada kişi bir adakta bulunmazsa kurban kesmesine gerek yoktur. Eğer bir kurban adanmışsa kesilmek zorundadır. Adanan şükür kurbanı İslam’a uygun şartlarda kesilmeli ve ihtiyaç sahiplerine pay edilerek dağıtılmalıdır.

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