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Ramadan Campaign


Now is the time for goodness

Ramadan month is the most precious of the twelve months. Unity, solidarity and brotherhood are words that can describe it. It is a month with a different, unique spiritual feeling. During this month, we are filled with excitement, our hearts beat differently. We have more empathy, we understand needy people better, those who struggle with hunger, and thus, we share our table. 

Throughout the year, we have provided food and meals to thousands of people in Africa by the way of Soup Kitchens so that they can have access to a nutritive diet. Once again, in the same countries and throughout the year, let’s join hands to make the tables more crowded than ever during Ramadan. With your support, we organize iftar meals, food packs distributions, zakat distributions, and Eid clothing distributions in Turkey and abroad. Let the compassion of your heart be the joy of the poor.

You can make your Ramadan donation online or to our bank account numbers. You can make food pack donations for a family, fitrana (Zakat al-Fitr) donation for a person, fidya donation for a person, iftar donation for a person, Eid clothing donation for a child and zakat donation options in the donation section just below the page. Let's meet in the hearts of people waiting to be remembered. 



Food Packs are in Africa

In 23 countries and 45 regions, we are establishing chains of goodness to heal the wounds of poor families. During Ramadan, we will distribute hundreds of food packs in order to set blessed tables. We meet in hearts with a plate of food.



Zakat  Fitr (Fitrana)  Fidya 

Zakat and fitr donations made in Ramadan are sadaqah that you are obliged to give because of your belongings. You can help our orphans and brothers and sisters in need living in poor countries. These donations are financial prices paid for the inability to perform the obligatory fasting or for the elimination of some faults committed during the performance of the pilgrimage. 

A fidya is the amount or price of food that will feed a person for one day. It is better for those who can afford to give more. (Baqara, 2/184; Marginani, al-Hidaye, II, 270)

Iftar time

We are setting tables to heal the wounds of poor families around the world. During Ramadan, we will distribute hundreds of meals so that we can contribute to blessed tables. With the target of 30 iftar tables in 30 days, we will ensure that 500 Muslims have iftar at each table, and we will carry the beauty of sharing to saddened lands. By donating iftar dinner, you can give a smile at the tables of our brothers and sisters in geographies that the world has forgotten.




Eid Gifts

During Eid, we distribute special gifts to children so that they can share the joy of this special moment. You can make your donation either to children either to families and bring them joy. 

In 2023, we will be in Africa during the month of Ramadan, and we will try to show them the power of unity and solidarity by setting up iftar tables there. By fulfilling what is obligatory to us as Muslims, we will try to deliver our zakat and fitr to poor families in real need.






  • Fıtr
    With the alms of fitr, you can meet the food need of a poor person for one day.
    130,00 TL
  • Fidya
    During Ramadan, we deliver your fasting alms to poor families in Syria and Yemen, together with...
    130,00 TL
  • Zakat
    During the month of Ramadan, we enable you to deliver your zakat to the orphans and poor families we...
  • Food Package
    A Box of Happiness. Open Your Table to Goodness in Ramadan.  
  • Eidgift
    We join hands to bring the joy of Eid to orphans and children of poor families in Africa.
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