Winter Donation - İyilik Denizi

Winter Donation


Let's warm little hearts together...

In Turkey, especially in the village schools in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions, we hold the hands of our little puppies who are struggling with difficult conditions and impossibilities. We know that when the winter season enters, the conditions become even more difficult. Every year, we try to turn the sights we see in the villages we visit regularly into smiles.

A warm winter with a coat, a boot, a scarf.

We take our strength from goodness and our hope from you, and we know that together we have been and will continue to be a sea for thousands of people in need. We have implemented dozens of projects both at home and abroad. With the support of our valuable donors, we are instrumental in putting a smile on the faces of hundreds of children every day.


How can I pay for a child's winter expenses?

You can donate to our funds as a group, or you can call us and inform the region you want to help, and convey your type of aid. There are many types of aid such as clothing, food and fuel for a child's expenses for one winter. We warm little hearts by distributing aid in regions where orphan children and poor families are mostly located.

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