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Coronavirus Outbreak and Mental Health


How can we protect our mental health during this outbreak?

There is no doubt that Coronavirus has plunged the world into uncertainty and the constant news about the pandemic can feel relentless. All of this is taking its toll on people's mental health. "A lot of anxiety is rooted in worrying about the unknown and waiting for something to happen - coronavirus is that on a macro scale," says Rosie Weatherley, spokesperson for mental health charity Mind. We have no way -at least for now- of knowing how many people are going to suffer physically from this virus, but we do know that millions of people around the globe are already suffering from it emotionally— and those people need love and compassion.


How can we protect our mental health during this outbreak?

1- Limit the news and be careful what you read:

*Limit the amount of time you spend reading or watching things that aren't making you feel better.

* There is a lot of misinformation swirling around - stay informed by sticking to trusted sources of information such as government and WHO websites.

2- Have breaks from social media and mute things which are triggering: Be careful about which accounts you tunes into and avoid clicking on coronavirus hashtags, also try to have time away from social media, watch TV or read books instead.

* Mute keywords which might be triggering on Twitter and unfollow or mute related accounts.

* Mute WhatsApp groups and hide Facebook posts and feeds if you find them too overwhelming.

Coronavirus and mental health: how can we protect our mental health during this outbreak?

3- Wash your hands - but not excessively:

4- Stay connected with people: Increasing numbers will join those already in self-isolation so now might be a good time to make sure you have the right phone numbers and email addresses of the people you care about. Agree regular check-in times and feel connected to the people around you.

5- Avoid burnout: With weeks and months of the coronavirus pandemic ahead, it is important to have downtime. It's highly recommended to access nature and sunlight wherever possible. Do exercise, eat well and stay hydrated.