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Water Well No. 116 Has Been Opened!


With the Water Well, the construction of which was completed in Nigeria in 2021, the water was brought to the surface by diamond-tipped deep drilling machines from a depth to meet the water needs of the region.

What is the average life of a water well?

As the Sea of ​​Goodness Association, the water wells we drilled in sub-Saharan Africa serve for an average of 20 years. The estimated service time may vary depending on the depth of the drilled water well.

How and how often are maintenance and repairs done?

Our water wells drilled in Africa and Asia are regularly checked every year. Thanks to our representatives in the region, the malfunctions in the wells are followed and the problems are resolved.

I want to open a water well, what should I do?

In order to have water wells drilled in Africa and Asia, you can make an online donation through the official website of our association (iyideniz.org), reach our account numbers here, and contact us at 0(212) 489 59 59.

Why are the price differences in the water well caused?

When you want to drill a water well in Africa or Asia, the prices may differ in cases such as the limited opportunities in the region you have chosen, the increase in depth to reach clean potable water, the type of well you choose -with a fountain with a reservoir-. (You can find the images of our previously opened water wells here.)